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Default HOW TO: Install hood struts for tubbed trucks

Since it's like pulling teeth to get a write up or even some pictures for this setup I figured I would take a few pictures and do a quick write up, even though it's simple I know some people find it easier to see it done, and feel more confident with something to compare it too
We used
Napas #735-1897 for the hood mounts

For the struts we used the Part# someone posted on here but they didn't even come close to holding the weight of the hood, so we used
AutoZones Mighty Lift # |E| 95784

First off you want to screw this piece into the same hole the spring used to bolt to, install it with the provided washer and tighten snug

Then you take these (Napa 735-1897) brackets and these need to be screwed/welded to the hood. We screwed them while fitting, then later welded them.

Now on a 03 hood, but all hoods should be the same, we measure 5" from the hood hinge to the back of the bracket, or about 6" to the center of the eye on the bracket.

Here is another view for reference

Now you're going to want to install the struts, there are these PITA clips but you need to back them out, then install the strut on the lower eye making sure the clip re-engages.
(some times you can just click them right onto the eye without backing them off)

Then do the same for the upper mount

Now we shut the hood, the struts should compress ALL the way if you installed them right. the corner brackets connecting the fender to the firewall MAY make slight contact we just ground off the edge about 1/8" of material to clear them. If you don't you will notice the hood pop violently when you pull the hood release.
Everything works flawlessly, so we removed the struts, and screws welded the brackets up, painted them to match and all done

Everything back together and it's great to have a hood stay up by itself, not only does it stay up but once you release the hood and give it about 4" of lift it will continue the lift by itself. Well worth it mod

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nice wright up
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Nice pictures!

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