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Default so your buying a tuner...

Most of you know...but some people dont. There are a lot of options for buying a tuner for your truck. Bully dog. Edge. Diablo sport. Superchips the list goes on...well what you reeeeaaaallly need to consider is getting it tuned in person on a dyno. Either via efi live or hptuners. The advantages are crazy. For on you get way more power and more seat of the pants difference. Dyno tuning is a tune for your truck and your combination of mods. And its safer. The handhelds are ok but there generic. They may give one truck and a very noticable gain while giving another identicle truck almost nothing. They are very conservative and mild so they will work with any truck with any mods or bone stock. Dyno tuning will do this too but its a garauntee that youll notice a difference. And its tailored to you. Headers cam exaust intake or stock. Also it will give you better power. Help your tranny shift firmer and at a more correct time. Can also chamge timing and fueling depending on style of driving. Canned tunes cant do that. In indianapolis theres a place called mike norris motorsports. He does nothing but ls motors and does everything from tuning bone stock cars and trucks to building 2000hp supercharged race motors. Better yet a tune on the dyno runs about 450 bucks. Which is about the same as most handhelds and way cheaper than others. You can also do a thing called mailorder tunes...which isnt as good as a dyno but better still than a handheld. This involves getting a module sent to you in mail driving around with it plugged in to your obd port for a few days to log data and send back. Then it gets reviewed. Tuned. And sent back for you to reflash your ecm. This costs about the same as the dyno tune. Maybe a lil cheaper. Just putting this out there for those that dont know they have a few options. Sorry for being winded in this post. Ill answer any wuestions best i can also.
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