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Default GMC C35 Crew Cab Cab and Chassis Project: Heavy Metal

I have mentioned this truck as well a few times on the chat thread on here and on GMT400, and im doing the same as i did with the suburban and creating a thread here to start off documentation of this trucks build as well.

Here is the info i know about the truck so far:

I was told it was an 1989. I will confirm this next time im out there and get the Vin from it.
It was originally powered by a gas engine and is now powered by a 6.2 Detroit Diesel
I believe it has a TH400 in it transmission wise but i will have to check on this.
It is a cab and chassis model so its got the narrow rear end and narrower rear chassis.
From what i could see of the interior it was once blue but the cab has been restored and painted white and completely jambed out other then the dash shell. Since the interior is still completely gutted i will talk to the friend im buying it from about redoing the interior completely white on all the exposed metal surfaces.
The front rad support has been replaced with a suburban one to add the 89-91 burb front end.

Like the suburban im getting for $500 which is what the crusher would pay my friend. So in short for 1K im saving two squarebodies from the crusher.

There is another Squarebody 2wd Suburban from the same generation as this Crew Cab and the 4wd suburban. This particular burb has no engine or trans in it. More then likely i will buy it as well for parts for the other two. Its got barn doors on it like the 4wd so if they are in better shape or at least the left one is in better shape they will be swapped on. Same goes with the front fenders. The grille and lights would be installed on this crew cab to complete the burb front end conversion.

Here are a couple pics of the truck:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Originally Posted by TruckinAin4Sissies View Post
That'd be T!TS!

O, and ya already know I'll Retro' that ugly Sombitch up!!

The funny thing is the interior is pretty much completely disassembled atm So now would be the time to do a lot of retro fitting to it. I have toyed around with a few different configuration ideas

Option One : short deck behind the sleeper cab i have to extend the interior space a bit...The bottom half of the sleeper would be set up as a sub enclosure with the amps bolted to the back wall of the cab.....using a bench seat rear and recovering the current front buckets

Option two would be a full length deck with no sleeper and running stacks along with quad bucket seats in the interior. Option two could possibly include a full length hummer style center tunnel/console set up.

Option three would be similar to option two deck wise but running a standard bench seat rear and retrofitting buckets out of a GMT400 in the front.

Option four would be the same as 2 and 3 deck/stack wise but configure the interior in a configuration similar to the "Bonus cab" 3+3s Which would be a cargo area in the rear seat area placing a flat panel where the seat would go and running a simple regular cab truck sub enclosure to provide max floor space between sub box and front seats. This option would be having the current bucket seats in the truck recovered.

Any of the above options would have a mild static drop with 19.5 semi wheels and low pro tires

Option five would be the same as option one but replaces the short deck with a normal fleetside box.

Option six-eight would be the same as options two-four just replacing the deck with fleetside or dually box depending on wheels.
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One idea i tossed up on the GMT400 board was painting this truck flat black and painting the stock 16" wheels red similar to a members truck on there. Since the truck is currently gutted now would be the time to repaint it again. However on the flip side since the truck does have newer white paint on i kinda don't want to paint it again just yet...
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