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Static Drops Info and pics of static drops

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Default Wheel spacing info for lowered trucks!!!!

Wheel spacing info for lowered trucks
I didnt come up with this chart I copied it but it makes breaking down a wheel choice simple.

Thank's and I will repost it here These numbers are for stock track width, static dropped trucks.

These numbers are the absolute minimum and will keep the wheel inside the fenders. Your wheel diameter, tire selection and drop will be the desiding factors in whether or not you have to roll/modify inner fenders/lips.

When you're looking to buy a wheel, you will need to know either the Offset or backspacing of the wheel. If you're looking at a wheel and it doesn't meet the specified numbers for it's width, it will not tuck and there's no chance with your stock track width. so this is to help with wheel selection.

The key number you need to assess is the front spacing. it needs to be 4.25" or less. If the front spacing on the wheel is higher than that it will not matter what the backspacing is because it will never tuck

the Categories are the width:

Offset:-6mm or higher
Backspacing:3.75" or higher

Offset:+6mm or higher
Backspacing:4.75" or higher

Offset:+12mm or higher
Backspacing:5.25" or higher

Offset:+19mm or higher
Backspacing:5.75" or higher

Offset:+25mm or higher
Backspacing:6.25" or higher

Offset:+30mm or higher
Backspacing:6.75" or higher

Offset:+38mm or higher
Backspacing:7.25" or higher

Offset:+45mm or higher
Backspacing:7.75" or higher

Offset:+63.75mm or higher
Backspacing:8.75" or higher __________________

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