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Default How to Claybar

How to on "Claying"

(Product #'s & Brief Info)

First off, there is more than one (1) clay bar out on the market. Most of my information on the following products is being pulled from www.premiumautocare.com . They have a good supply of products for detailing your car/truck, and have great service. There are sites that can give you good information such as www.detailcity.com .


Four Star Ultimate Clay Combo Kit
Part # FS-UCCK

Clay Magic Detailing Clay
Part # CM-2200 Fine Grade (Blue)
Part # CM-1200 Medium Grade (Red)

Mequiars, Eagle One, etc all make a detail clay. The choice is up to you. However, Mequiars and Clay Magic are the only ones I have found in the local auto stores. I have used more than one brand, and to be honest. I can not tell that much of a difference.

Area's of concern

Not really any areas of concern. Claying is safe for today cars/trucks. Only warning I can give is this. Do not drop the clay bar. Doing so it will pick up rocks, dirt, etc. If this happens rip off the part that touched, or pick out the rocks, dirt, etc as it might scratch your paint when claying.

When you get the kit, the clay will be wrapped in a plastic cover. When you take the clay out of the wrapper, do not sit it on anything that will cause it to pick up trash. Example: Concrete, oil, dirt. It is a sticky bar, and is made to pick the "trash" off your paint. Getting a rock in the clay bar will only scratch your paint. You will only rub the rock all over the paint.

How to

How do I know if I need to clay my car/truck?

Easy, after you wash your car/truck take a plastic bag (thin) and place your hand inside it. Rub a section of your paint. If it feels like sandpaper, then you need to clay your truck. It is good at removing, tar, bugs, over spray, and daily road grime that gets stuck in your paint. After you use the clay and wax your car/truck it will shine better than before.

Now, first off you will want to wash the car/truck the best you can. Give it a good "normal" wash job. Afterwards, no need to dry it off as you will not need to before you start the claying process. The kit usually comes with a "detail spray". In my doings, I skip this, and get a squirt/spray bottle, and fill it with soapy water. As in your car soap. In my opinion it make the car slicker and keeps the clay bar from sticking.

You will want to do one section at a time. Start with the roof first. This is where the least amount of "trash" is and if this is your first time, you might get the clay bar dirty on your rocker panels picking up the road grime that has developed there. If you have done this before, you may not need to worry about it as much. Squirt some soapy water/detail spray on your roof, and mold the clay into a small circle shape. Place it in the palm of your hand and rub your paint. (as if waxing). Let the bar do the work, as you will feel it grabbing the "trash" as you rub over the areas, and you will feel the resistance get less and less as you go on. Then I would do your hood, then the fender, etc. Doing one section at a time. After each section or from time to time you will need to kneed the clay and form a new small circle. You might come across parts that will require you to rub just a little harder. That is fine, and you might notice that some of the bar will stick to your car/truck in certain locations. This happens, when you wax your car/truck it will all come off.

You can do this on glass, and chrome too.

When you are done, place the clay back in the provided container, and make sure to put it up wet, so it will no dry out.

When done, dry and wax the car/truck as normal and enjoy

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